Capital Credits

Capital Credits

Capital credits are your return-on-investment in Cass County Electric Cooperative.

Throughout the year, we track how much electricity you buy and how much money you pay for it. At the end of the year, we complete our financial matters and determine whether there are excess revenues, called margins. Then we allocate the margins to members as capital credits based upon their use of electricity during the year. When our financial condition permits, your board of directors decides to retire, or pay, the capital credits.

This year the board authorized distribution of approximately $1.78 million in capital credit refunds for the purchase of electricity over the course of one-and-a-half years.

A list of individuals whose capital credit checks were returned or uncashed after the most recent payout was published in the October Highline Notes. An updated version of the list may be downloaded here: Unclaimed CC list 2019

Use the unclaimed capital credit search below to see if you have patronage waiting for you. If your name is on the list, call CCEC at 1.800.248.3292 to claim your credits.