Commercial Accounts

Commercial Accounts

We strive to provide high-quality service to our commercial members of all sizes. If you have questions about your electric service at your business, we encourage you to contact us:

Chad Brousseau
Manager of Energy Services
Bob Miller
Business Accounts Executive

Off-Peak & Incremental Pricing Plan

Businesses can take advantage of Cass County Electric Cooperative's low off-peak rates by managing their peak consumption during periods of high energy demand. Most often, a standby generator is used to automatically transfer power off of the utility, saving the member thousands of dollars each year in power costs.

This savings is maximized with the Incremental Pricing Plan, which saves you money by purchasing higher priced yellow zone energy for you when it is too expensive to run a standby generator. Actual savings vary widely, but in most cases, the generator can be completely paid for in offset electricity costs in a short amount of time.

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