Off-Peak & Rebates

Off-Peak & Rebates

Want to save money on your heating bills? Consider our residential off-peak programs. In exchange for a reduced electric rate, you allow CCEC to remotely shut off certain electric loads within your home during times of peak energy demand.

Our most popular program is dual heat. With dual heat, you have electric heat and/or a heat pump running most of the time. When market electricity prices are high, an off-peak device in your home automatically switches you from your electric source to a backup source such as natural gas, propane or fuel oil.

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When electric demand and market electricity prices are high, an off-peak device in the home automatically switches from an electric source to a backup source, such as propane or fuel oil. In exchange, participating members receive discounted off-peak rates, which are competitive with fuel oil and propane. Our off-peak program is designed to reduce electric demand during peak times and save money. Please call our Energy Management Department at 701-356-4400 to see how off-peak may work for you and/or your customers.


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Incentives for new electric heat












Cass County Electric Cooperative offers a $250 energy credit for members who are currently on off-peak and replace the backup system with propane or fuel oil. Limit one credit per account every five years. (Dual heat systems with natural gas do not qualify. Systems with heat pumps without an electric plenum heater do not qualify. Electric heat must remain as the primary heat source.)


We offer free heat loss estimates for new residential homes. These estimates are based off of a blueprint provided by the builder. The purpose of this evaluation is to provide an annual heating cost estimate of various systems to aid in choosing a heating system.

Heating cost comparisons are based on current costs of energy and average winter conditions. The information provided by our Energy Management Team for your annual heating cost is an estimate and could vary with weather conditions, lifestyles and indoor conditions. We do not size heating equipment, the analysis we provide is for heating cost comparisons only.



Next to heating and cooling your home, water heating is the largest user of energy. If you are looking for ways to save money, we may be able to help. Through our off-peak program, we offer a reduced rate in exchange for the ability to interrupt the water heater. 

CASS COUNTY ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE DOES NOT SELL WATER HEATERS. HOWEVER, LARGE CAPACITY WATER HEATERS ARE AVAILABLE LOCALLY. Due to recent federal regulations, many storage water heaters are outfitted with grid-enabled technology, which means they must be on an off-peak program to be fully functional. The bottom element is locked by the manufacturer and unlocked by the utility.




Electric vehicles (EV) are continuing to grow in popularity. Cass County Electric Cooperative offers a discounted rate and installation incentives for in-home EV chargers installed on an off-peak program. Simply plug in to start saving!

EV Requirements to Qualify for Off-Peak

  1. All-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid qualify
  2. Level 2 charger, 240V

Charging Windows

October-May: Noon—5 p.m. and 11 p.m.—7 a.m. June-September: Midnight—10 a.m.