View & Pay Bill

View & Pay Bill

  • Pay bill and view usage on SmartHub
  • Email and password required
  • Make payments or set up recurring payments
  • Save banking information for future payments
  • Review your bills and electricity use
  • Access account settings



  • Account number and name required
  • No account access
  • Banking info not saved




Sign up for autopay and forget having to remember your bill each month. Download the autopay authorization form below, complete, and return with your next bill. Choose the checking account option (account and routing numbers required) and receive $20 back!

Download autopay authorization form

Budget Billing

Our budget billing is a levelized plan, meaning there is no "annual catch up month" where bills can radically fluctuate. Instead, our software calculates a moving average for each statement. This means your bill will only change slightly each month, avoiding large variations and unfortunate surprises.

If you are interested in budget billing, please contact our member accounts department at 701-356-4400 or contact us via web.

SmartHub Mobile

With the SmartHub mobile app, your account information is available in the palm of your hand.

  • Manage payments from your mobile device
  • View your energy use in segments ranging from hourly to yearly
  • Compare energy use to previous time periods
  • Receive account alerts and keep up with CCEC news and events
  • Notify CCEC of account issues
  • Manage account settings such as autopay and/or paperless billing

SmartHub on devices